the offer

Joint System offers a complete, customized service. We supply the best materials and the most suitable equipments for their applications as well as customer support, training and an after-sale assistance.

service and consultancy

Transport related problems occur every day due to unsafe and bad handling of goods. Our engineers and sales officers are there to support their customers in choosing the right strapping system and the most suitable packaging solution with cost and quality efficiency.

after-sale service

To fulfil our customers demands, we supply training on use and maintenance of all equipments and guarantee tools servicing and a fully furnished spare parts centre. Yearly inspection can be also scheduled.
Supporting our customers in the after-sale and making sure that everything works properly is the reason why we are appreciated on the market for integrity and reliability.

research & development

Research and Development represent our main aim. Our engineers work everyday in view of tomorrow’s innovative technologies developing new strategies on goods security and improving our life.

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reggiatrice reggiatrici

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