cotton and synthetic fibres industry

Our packaging systems in cotton and synthetic fibres industries prevent contaminations and protect your product quality during handling, storing and shipping. In terms of time and cost efficiency, our multi-headed machine can make up to 6 strapping points working simultaneously on your bales in only 10 seconds cycle time. This machine can be integrated to a press.
Whatever the shape and dimension of your product, Joint System has the right equipments to solve your packaging problems, safely, with reliability and economically. Our experts will be glad to serve and support you with their know-how in order to find the most suitable solution to protect your goods. download pdf

Joint System’s solutions

steel straps

standard dynaflex high tensile megadyn

plastic straps

tensium polyester petband


for manual strapping tools for automatic strapping tools

strapping tools

manual and pneumatic for steel strap manual, electric and pneumatic for polyester straps manual and pneumatic for petband

strapping accessories

dispensers balancers and suspended cranes filter groups and lubricants shears

automatic machines

automatic machines for steel straps automatic machines for plastic straps

jointsystem jointsystem

reggiatrice reggiatrici

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reggiatrice reggiatrici reggiatrice manuale pneumatica reggiatrice. reggetta, sigilli, reggetta speciale in tessuto di poliestere, film estensibile e nastro adesivo; reggiatrici manuali, reggiatrice ed reggiatrice automatiche, reggiatrice manuale. La reggiatrice joint system® disponibile manuale e pneumatica. reggiatrice reggiatrici reggiatrice automatica reggiatrici e reggiatrice manuale reggiatrici manuali reggiatrice e reggiatrici reggiatrice reggiatrici tendireggia acciaio