paper, cardboard
and publishing industry

Joint System offers valid strapping and wrapping solutions for paper, cardboard and publishing industries.
We are very sensitive to special needs and market evolutions and grant efficient and cost effective options to our valued customers. We offer industrial solutions to cover any application in paper and cardboard industries from semi-automatic to fully automatic strapping and wrapping equipments. Our dedicated experts, will be glad to help you choosing the right solutions for you considering productivity, optimizing flux and costs.
A complete system joining designing, development of strapping equipments, manual tools, consumables and stretch film wrapping systems to protect your products during handling and storing. For all equipments we offer a customized after-sale service including: installation, preventive maintenance, training for operators and technical consultancy always available. download pdf

Joint System’s solutions

plastic straps

tensium polyester polypropylene strap

strapping tools

manual, electric and pneumatic for polyester straps

strapping accessories

cardboard and plastic edge protectors

automatic machines

automatic machines for plastic straps

stretch film

manual and machine grade stretch film

automatic wrapping machines

stretch film wrapping machines

jointsystem jointsystem

reggiatrice reggiatrici

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reggiatrice reggiatrici reggiatrice manuale pneumatica reggiatrice. reggetta, sigilli, reggetta speciale in tessuto di poliestere, film estensibile e nastro adesivo; reggiatrici manuali, reggiatrice ed reggiatrice automatiche, reggiatrice manuale. La reggiatrice joint system® disponibile manuale e pneumatica. reggiatrice reggiatrici reggiatrice automatica reggiatrici e reggiatrice manuale reggiatrici manuali reggiatrice e reggiatrici reggiatrice reggiatrici tendireggia acciaio