Called with all sorts of names: dunnage bags, air bags, inflatable bags or inflatable cushions: they are strategic devices made to protect your goods during transport. These bags, placed and inflated in gaps between cargo, are used in order to absorb shocks caused by transport shifting and make sure that goods will not move around inside containers, rail wagons, trucks or ships when travelling.

Container - Containers are often shipped in combined transport including road, train and ship. Due to the swing they suffer while travelling and goods risk to be damaged. If properly positioned in empty spaces between goods, airbags will protect your cargo by keeping it steady.
Rail - Rails vibrations and track changes make the train swing considerably during journeys. This is when airbags are really useful to ensure your goods during transport.
Ship - Fruit, food, fish, coils and many other goods are delivered by ship. Our airbags make sure that goods will not get ruined even in the event of stormy weather.
Truck - Road transport is often subject to rough and sudden swinging due to truck braking, rounds-about, curves etc. In all of these circumstances, airbags guarantee your goods integrity keeping them exactly where they are. Besides, sometimes goods can be trans-shipped from one truck to another and, also in this case, airbags make both loading and unloading operations easier.



if not misused they can be used more than once

Easy to use:

they are a valid alternative to complex safety systems Our airbags can bear more than 30 tons: they are strong and resist perfectly to moisture. They can be supplied both in paper “kraft” and polypropylene material. Their outer side is quite rough to guarantee the right friction between bag and goods so that they can not slip out during transport.

for further details: download bags pdf
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