scrap chopper

5 good reasons to choose the chopper

Choppers increase safety in working places, reducing crowded storing areas and converting scraps into extra profitable money.

Choppers reduce disposal costs

Since the volume of scraps can be drastically reduced so would be your transport costs in a scale of 20 to 1, with both economic and environment advantages. The volume held in a 20’ container can easily fit in two 210 lt. barrels and the waste is ready to be recycled without any extra working process.

More production area available

Production areas have always been a big issue in terms of economic value, it is very important that you make the most of any square meter in the production plant. No-one can afford to use this precious area for scrap storing.

download chopper pdf download pog recycling pdf

Improving working area and quality

a clean and tidy working area impress people and gives a positive impact of your Company. Sometimes, if scraps are on your way, they can cause production delays and a sense of intolerance and un-satisfaction in workers.

Increasing safety and reducing injuries

We all care about safety on working places. Huge quantities of metal scraps can be dangerous for operators and mishandling can cause injuries. This is why you really need to chop the scrap in the point of generation to guarantee a safe and injury-free working area.

Turn you scrap into money

Our choppers turn your scrap into a valuable product in the scrap market. Junkyards owners are in fact more interested in your scrap if this is free of contaminations and ready to be used, with no need of extra working process and extra transport cost.

modelmaterialspeedpiece lengthweight
300 scrap chopperSteel band 19 x 0.78 with seal
pp e pet 16 x 0.78
19x 1.27
109 fpm5.3 cm
download pdf 256_450-wm-banding-chopper
modelmaterialspeedpiece lengthweight
450 wm banding choppersteel band 10 x 1.6
steel band 12.7 x 1.6
steel band 19 x 0.78
pp and pet all sizes
106 fpm7.62 cm117 kg
download pdf 257_450-wm-xhd
modelmaterialspeedpiece lengthweight
450 wm xhd band choppersteel band 10 x 2
steel band 12.7 x 1.6
steel band 19 x 1.17
steel band 7.94 x 0.78
steel band 25 x 0.78
106 fpm7.62 cm132 kg
download pdf 258_510-xhd
modelmaterialspeedpiece lengthweight
510 xhdsteel band 10 x 3.175
steel band 12.7 x 2.36
steel band 19 x 2.36
steel band 7.94 x 2.36
steel band 25 x 1.98
steel band 32 x 1.17
90 fpm10.8 cm295 kg
download pdf 259_513
modelmaterialspeedpiece lengthweight
513 scrap choppersteel band 10 x 3.175
steel band 12.7 x 2.36
steel band 19 x 2.36
steel band 7.94 x 2.36
steel band 25 x 1.98
steel band 32 x 1.17
pp and pet all sizes
90 fpm7.62 cm452 kg
download pdf 260_517
modelmaterialspeedpiece lengthweight
517 scrap choppersteel band 12.7 x 3.175
steel band 19 x 3.175
steel band 7.94 x 3.175
steel band 25 x 3.175
steel band 32 x 1.6
steel band 38 x 0.79
wires for bale pressing,
aluminium wires,
copper bars
90 fpm8,89 cm588 kg
download pdf 261_5503
modelmaterialspeedpiece lengthweight
5503 scrap chopperUsed for all steel straps with seals,
wires for bale pressing,
copper bars,
aluminium wires with steel reinforcement (ACSR),
tubes and pipes
90 fpm7.81 cm1530 kg
download pdf

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