polyester woven strap

Light and tough

it comes in different dimensions and can resist from 150 DaN to 2000 DaN. Steel straps with the same performance are 6 times heavier.

Safe and easy to handle

spools are lighter than steel and PET ones and do not have sharp edges.

Suitable for several applications

available in different textures, dimensions and resistance (from 150 to 2000 daN), for an ideal money value.


it adjusts to any kind of surface and resists to any sharp edge.

Long lasting

this strap does no rust and does not wear off


it can be customized with logos and writings

Products features:

hot melt strap

bands made of strong parallel polyester fibres, embed with extruded plastic material (unidirectional fibres, not woven) download hot melt pdf

woven strap

bands made of particularly flexible woven polyester fabric. download woven strap pdf

LC Strap

Composite bands, with great mechanic and abrasion resistance download LC strap pdf

BP Strap (for bales press)

bands with very low elongation ability to press bales and keep them compressed to ease transport and staking. We offer the right strap for each product to be pressed. This bands are shock absorbing, safe to handle and water resistant. download BP strap pdf
product type texture width breaking load daN
Strap Hot melt Parallel fibres from 13 to 38 mm from 375 to 2000
Strap Woven Parallel fibres from 13 to 40 mm from 295 to 5000
Strap Composite LC Parallel fibres from 13 to 32 mm from 200 to 1500
Strap Baling press BP Parallel fibres from 9 to 13 mm from 275 to 375
Straps are produced according to EN 13246: 2001 rules.

Since these bands can be used in many applications, they are suitable for the following industries:
Steel and metal
Palletizing of oversized products
Load securing

for further details: www.petband.it/sistemareggiatura.html

jointsystem jointsystem

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