manual stretch film

Different quality of stretch film are available, with inner dia. varying from 38 to 50mm and film thickness varying from 12 to 35 my. They can be chosen among these colours: bleu, black, red, white and transparent also with UV protection.

machine grade stretch film

Stretch film for automatic and semi automatic applications. They guarantee high resistance and elongation abilities. With up to 280% pre-stretch they make you save a lot of money still wrapping the same quantities of pallets by means of suitable high performance machines. Also available in bleu, black, red, white, transparent and UV protection version. download stretch film pdf
use pre-stretch thickness my spool weight kg inner dia. mm
Manual 12-35 3.6 – 5 38-50
Machine grade:
Standard use 100% 12-40 16.2 72
Advanced use 150% 12-40 16.2 76
Hi-performances 250% - 270% 12-40 16.2 76
Height of standard spool: 500mm
Other available heights:

jointsystem jointsystem

reggiatrice reggiatrici

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