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As far as strapping and wrapping are concerned, we address our efforts towards safety, versatility and simplicity of applications.
We always aim to the most competitive, technological and advanced solutions to protect the product from damages and dampness during handling and storage.
We mainly operate in the metal and steel, timber and

and panel, bricks and construction, paper and cardboard, automotive, ceramic, flat glass, furniture, food and beverage, cotton and fibres, household appliance industries and for all goods shipped by sea, land, air. A combination of products and tools able to cover all specific applications including designing, development of manual and automatic equipment, consumables.

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reggiatrice reggiatrici

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reggiatrice reggiatrici reggiatrice manuale pneumatica reggiatrice. reggetta, sigilli, reggetta speciale in tessuto di poliestere, film estensibile e nastro adesivo; reggiatrici manuali, reggiatrice ed reggiatrice automatiche, reggiatrice manuale. La reggiatrice joint system® disponibile manuale e pneumatica. reggiatrice reggiatrici reggiatrice automatica reggiatrici e reggiatrice manuale reggiatrici manuali reggiatrice e reggiatrici reggiatrice reggiatrici tendireggia acciaio